What our customers have to say

To all at Grow,

We want to show our appreciation to you for helping us through this difficult time after the floods. Hoping we never have to go through anything like it again.

Thank you,

John and Narelle
Warwick, QLD

To the Grow team,

I have been using a sample of your product on my vegetable garden. I have strawberry plants that I divide every year. After applying your plant food they have developed with larger fruit and much healthier growth. Also I had some celery plants that had faded and lost colour. After using Dr Grow It All they rejuvenated and had fresh green healthy stalks. I am planting new seedlings and will now be very con dent that your plant food is going to yield better and healthier vegetables for my kitchen.

Thank you.

Coolum Beach, QLD

Dear Grow Team,

Thank you so very much for the sample of Grow. I have used it on my organic Vegie patch and the results were amazing. My seedlings doubled in size within a week and my capsicum plants, which had been struggling, just took off and look so healthy. I would love to keep using this product as nothing I have used in the past has worked so well.

Sincerly yours,

Pacifc Paradise, QLD

Hi there,
I just want to say that I have used your product and frankly I am just blown away. My organic garden has never looked better. The produce tastes, looks better and the amount produced is something I have not seen before. Thanks for such an outstanding product. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.


Eudlo, QLD

Hi Grow team,

All I would just like to say that my husband and myself have been using Grow it all now for quite a few months on all of our fruit and vegetables that we are growing and our fruit trees are flourishing and the plant and leaves are very healthy, with lots of buds on them. We have grown tomatoes, lettuce and bok choy with great success. I have taken the oversupply of vegies to my work place and my fellow workers have been very impressed with the quality. Alan my husband is most impressed as in the past when we have grown vegies it didn’t matter what product you put on them a bug would eat whatever you grew, we have had nothing eating the leaves of the vegies since we started using Growl.

Good on you for all your hard work at Grow to produce an amazing product that actually does the job required of it.

Best wishes to you all

Jenny Manton
Pacifc Paradise, QLD

To the Grow team,

I used your product on several of the plants in my garden that were not performing – what an amazing transformation! Since applying just two treatments these plants have shown incredible new growth and are now flowering well ahead of others that were not given your magic Organic Solution. I can’t wait to try it on the lawn and the new vegetable seedlings next. I will certainly be back for more.

Cheers, Ray
Chancellor Park, QLD

To Grow,

It All After using Grow for several months, I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any plant lover, vegie grower, or in fact any commercial nursery. It is not only economical, but shows a marked improvement in all plant growth & vitality, as well as eradicating small diseases, without the use of any chemicals, while having no fear of over fertilizing. Thanks for the introduction to Grow, will continue to use with confidence.

Maureen Kawana, QLD