FAQ about Grow Organic Fertilizer

Frequently Asked Questions about Grow Fertilizer

GROW is developed from organically certified, composted chicken manure. The composting process is done naturally over a 16 week period which retains all of the nutrients whilst eliminating harmful pathogens such as salmonella and e-coli. Our patented nutrient extraction process in combination with our microbial input blend produces a unique liquid plant treatment that has a complete balance of nutrients, is pH neutral, and loaded with plant and soil enhancing microbes.

Simply, it duplicates nature’s way of growing – complete and balanced spectrum of plant available nutrients, dynamic biology in the soil enabling maximum uptake of those nutrients, providing carbon to the soil and microbes through the breaking down of plant matter, birds and animals and their manure offerings (more biological activity). Nature’s way is all about biology, not chemical. GROW provides nature’s growing system in a simple to use way.

Probably the most common  question our GROW team is asked. Seaweed products have been around for a long. Some seaweed products have used extensive marketing campaigns to get into the minds of gardeners as being the go to product. Seaweed has its place, it is a plant tonic, but it is far from the complete garden product that GROW is (read the label on some of the most popular seaweed product and it will tell you to use it in conjunction with a fertiliser).

GROW contains a complete and balanced form of plant available nutrients; being pH neutral is a major components of GROW’s plant availability. GROW provides dynamic biology for the plant and soil enabling maximum uptake of those complete balanced nutrients. GROW also provides a pure carbon source to the soil and microbes.

A one-off GROW treatment will provide significant benefits, however regular weekly applications produce best results. GROW can be applied all year round, even in winter and at the height of summer in fact it is noted for its ability to support plants through harsh climatic variations.

Yes, GROW has been the go to plant and soil nutrient for many passionate members of garden clubs throughout Australia who are growing natives, orchids, roses, etc.

GROW has a balanced combination of nutrients unlike chemical fertilisers that concentrate on Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous… the source of most problems for natives, etc.

GROW is stocked in locations throughout South East Queensland. To find a store near you please go to our Store Locator

For foliar applications, apply at the rate of 10ml GROW per litre of water – approximately 90ml GROW per watering can of water. Stronger rates can be used for garden and lawn establishment.  Read more …

No. There is little risk of plant damage due to incorrect application rates of GROW. In trials conducted GROW has been applied undiluted with no adverse effects. Growers of more sensitive plants such as orchards, natives and roses have had great success using GROW.

GROW works on either, but is ideally suited for foliar application. University studies show that nutrient uptake is 9 times more effective through foliar application than through the soil. In addition, the fact that GROW is pH neutral makes the nutrients more available than other plant treatments. The soil loves the excess that drops off the foliage because it is loaded with beneficial microbes for healthy vibrant soil – the way nature works.

For best results apply GROW early morning or late afternoon. Plant leaves have open stomates during these periods, increasing nutrient absorption efficiency.

No, it is exactly the same product. Following the initial 10 years of Research and Development, GROW was presented to the market place in 2010 as Dr Grow It All (Some people loved the name – some didn’t). Over the past 7 years the product has continued to evolve and due to various refinements, now contains more nutrients, microbes and carbon than the original product (which by the way was getting wonderful results for farmers, commercial growers and home gardeners). The change to the GROW name is a marketing ‘freshen up’ as well as a celebration of the success of the product to date and its continued evolution.

We recommend initially two applications, one week apart. Apply to the soil, at least at double the normal rate initially. Then weekly or fortnightly applications, gradually scaling back to the normal rate.

GROW is safe and very effective on all food crops. GROW has been proven to increase yields, as well as promote overall health, improve flavour, nutritional value and shelf life of produce. GROW is a completely natural organic product.

GROW is an effective microbial soil conditioner. Pre-planting, apply GROW to promote and accelerate microbial activity in the soil. The rate can be increased as the product benefits accumulate with every use. The cost effectiveness of GROW allows for increased applications if desired.

Note: Initially use lower mixing rates if high applications of inorganic/synthetic fertilisers have been previously used, as GROW may release locked up synthetic fertiliser.

GROW is very effective for laying new lawn, restoring or for general upkeep of great looking lawns. When applying GROW to lawn, not only does the grass get fed a complete balanced spectrum of nutrients, but the soil becomes more activated with every use allowing deeper root establishment and greater water efficiency which helps lawns withstand dry spells.

Store out of direct sunlight, preferably below 35 degrees Celsius. Store only in suitable container (see below)

GROW should always be stored in original GROW or Dr Grow It All containers with their vented lids (providing oxygen to the microbes). Using other containers that have held chemicals may cross contaminate the biological function of GROW – (You would still get all of the nutrients, but could lose some of the synergy bought by the microbes). Always use clean, chemical free containers for applying GROW.

  • Activate Soil
  • Converting compost and mulch to useable nutrients
  • Stress Release
  • Increase Propagation Success

Although GROW contains numerous microbe species that are known to combat various pests and diseases, it is the general increased health of both plants and soils where GROW has been applied that gives plants their pest and disease resistance. Often the role of pests and disease in nature is to attack unhealthy plants, break them down into a usable carbon source from which a healthier plant can emerge – ‘Natures Sanitation Crew’ according to Dr Arden Anderson who is a world leader in the field of Sustainable Agriculture.

NPK (Nitrogen, Potassium & Phosphorous) content, usually the focus of chemical fertilisers, is a false indicator as to the effectiveness of a plant treatment. Plants and soils need a diverse range of both Macro and Micro (Trace) minerals; in fact, the micro minerals may well be the heroes.

While macro minerals get all the attention, they are incomplete and can be ineffective without the presence of their micro partners. Nature works in a holistic and synergistic way where all systems in the growing process need to be present, rather than a select few, and each system compliments and enhances the other. The nutrient source used, for example, needs to support the microbial factory in the soil… not kill it as chemical inputs do.

We may for various reasons (often financial) put ourselves up as being smarter than nature – we actually fall well short of the mark. GROW duplicates nature’s way of growing (see FAQ re the Science behind GROW).

We have commercial rose growers using GROW with great success. One grower who was getting petal discolouration in their lighter coloured roses when using a seaweed product, happily reports no discolouration at all using GROW.