Success Stories

Enjoy some of the success stories real organic gardeners from around Australia have shared with us.  Get some tips on how best to use a bio organic garden fertiliser on your garden, lawn, native plants and fruit trees.

The Lighthouse, Regenerative Organic Farm - Jim and Julia organic syntropic farmers on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and long-time users of… Read more
Hendra Hardware - Hendra Hardware is an independent family owned Australian business, serving Brisbane for over 40 years Read more
Neil Fedderer Everything Good Nursery QLD Everything Good Nursery - Everything Good Nursery Qld Neil Federer talks about his success with Grow. Grow eliminated the… Read more
What our customers have to say - What our customers have to say To all at Grow, We want to show our… Read more
Lawn treated with liquid fertilizer Lawn Trials With Grow Liquid Fertiliser - Lawn Trials with Grow Bio Organic Liquid Fertiliser Above photo was taken of the test… Read more
Super Eggplants - Super Eggplants The following photographs are from a back yard garden in which Grow is… Read more
Hibiscus treated with bio organic fertilizer solution Flowers increase in size - Flowers increased in size and in number GDay fellows, My neighbours have been asking me… Read more
Giant organic lemons Goliath home grown lemon - Goliath home grown lemon Just picked our first lemon from our latest crop happily growing… Read more
Grow rebuilds flood devastated garden - Grow rebuilds flood devastated garden Devastating as it may have seemed, the 2011 floods in… Read more
Nursery saves sample stock - Nursery rep nearly looses all display sample stock These plants were suffering in transit and… Read more
Lawn test with liquid fertilizer Lawn Revived - Revived Lawn The owner of this turf had given up on trying to revive it… Read more
succulents fetilized with grow Rescued Succulents - Rescued Succulents These succulents were rescued from the bin. The pictures show there progress at… Read more