Success Stories

Enjoy some of the success stories real organic gardeners from around Australia have shared with us.  Get some tips on how best to use a bio organic garden fertiliser on your garden, lawn, native plants and fruit trees.

Sunshine Coast Food and Agribusiness award 2022 Sunshine Coast Business Awards Winners 2 Years Running - Global Boss International Pty Ltd, wins Food and Agribusiness award for the second year running at the 27th Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Read more
Sunshine Coast Business Award 2022 finalist Sunshine Coast Business Awards Finalist 2022 - GROW is an award winning product and through its parent companies Boss (Aust) Pty Limited and Global Boss International Pty Ltd, have won numerous business and environmental awards Read more
Sunshine Coast Business Award winner 2021 Sunshine Coast Business Awards Winner 2021 - Global Boss International wins the 2021 Food and Agribusiness Small Business Award. Read more
The Lighthouse, Regenerative Organic Farm - Jim and Julia organic syntropic farmers on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and long-time users of GROW. Read more
Hendra Hardware - Hendra Hardware is an independent family owned Australian business, serving Brisbane for over 40 years Read more
Neil Fedderer Everything Good Nursery QLD Everything Good Nursery - Everything Good Nursery Qld Neil Federer talks about his success with Grow. Grow eliminated the need for him to use pesticides to protect his zucchini crop from white moth.  He… Read more
What our customers have to say - What our customers have to say To all at Grow, We want to show our appreciation to you for helping us through this difficult time after the floods. Hoping we… Read more
Lawn treated with liquid fertilizer Lawn Trials With Grow Liquid Fertiliser - Lawn Trials with Grow Bio Organic Liquid Fertiliser Above photo was taken of the test lawn before any application of Grow, the visible brown areas of patchy growth most likely… Read more
Super Eggplants - Super Eggplants The following photographs are from a back yard garden in which Grow is used exclusively. The top two eggplants were purchased from Big W supermarket and were sold… Read more
Hibiscus treated with bio organic fertilizer solution Flowers increase in size - Flowers increased in size and in number GDay fellows, My neighbours have been asking me what I have done to my hibiscus plants. I have never seen these plants with… Read more
Giant organic lemons Goliath home grown lemon - Goliath home grown lemon Just picked our first lemon from our latest crop happily growing on our dwarf lemon tree. It is in a large pot sitting on our back… Read more
Grow rebuilds flood devastated garden - Grow rebuilds flood devastated garden Devastating as it may have seemed, the 2011 floods in SE Qld brought to light the many reasons why we all need to care for… Read more
Nursery saves sample stock - Nursery rep nearly looses all display sample stock These plants were suffering in transit and as you can see were lifeless, dull and on the brink of dying. Since applying… Read more
Lawn test with liquid fertilizer Lawn Revived - Revived Lawn The owner of this turf had given up on trying to revive it in ordinary drought conditions. But after a few applications of GROW organic liquid fertiliser and… Read more
succulents fetilized with grow Rescued Succulents - Rescued Succulents These succulents were rescued from the bin. The pictures show there progress at two week intervals over six weeks. Read more