GROW Retail Range

GROW Organically offers a range of refillable bottles to help the environment and to save you money. Every time you bring your bottle back to one of our retailers, you are supporting a small Australian business, reducing plastic into landfill and keeping money in your pocket. Win! Win! Win!

All GROW bottles can be refilled at your local refill station. Find the retailer closest to you with our Store Locator.

Every bottle of GROW comes with a specially designed aerated lid lets the microbiology in the bottle breath. For this reason, only GROW bottles can be refilled at our refill stations.

Storage Guide: Store out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place.

GROW 1 litre
1 Litre GROW Bottle – Convenient Measuring Chamber for up to 100mL of liquid
GROW 2.5 litre

2.5 Litre GROW Bottle – Handy Gerry Can size with easy pour handle

GROW 4 litre

4 Litre GROW Bottle – BY MAIL ORDER ONLY. When you don’t have a retailer close by we can deliver to your door.

GROW 10 litre

10 Litre GROW Bottle – 1 tap included for convenient pouring, one 10 litre covers 1 hectare of land.

20 Litre GROW Bottle –1 tap included for convenient pouring, great for large properties or commercial growers.

Grow 20Lr and 100L refill

20 Litre and 100 Litre Refill Station – Used at local retailers to fill your empty GROW bottles. Saves you money every time. *NOTE: Only GROW bottles can be refilled at our refill stations*

For commercial growers or large property owners looking to move away from chemical fertilizers and help restore their land, GROW offers 1000 Litre IBC’s to help you meet your needs, without blowing the budget.