Hendra Hardwear

Hendra Hardware
21 Zillman Rd, Hendra QLD 4011

Hendra Hardware is an independent and family owned Australian business, serving Brisbane’s northern suburbs for over 40 years! They love GROW so much they have written a blog about us, titled “Gardener’s dream come true through organic approach (No green thumb’s required!)”

One of the most common questions these days that our customers ask is;  “How to make their plants yield larger produce while keeping within the cost-effective parameters”? They tell us how they keep applying random fertilisers and various essential solutions, yet they still don’t see the results they would like.

The problem is that although synthetic fertilisers might produce good results in the short term, they can end up causing more problems in the long run, leading to fewer crops, inferior soil quality, more expense and effort.

But we’ve got a product that is a gardener’s dream come true

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