Super Eggplants

The following photographs are from a back yard garden in which Grow is used exclusively.

The top two eggplants were purchased from Big W supermarket and were sold as organic produce. Note the egg  plant on the bottom which was grown with Grow. It is of superior size, better colour, texture and taste.

The left image shows a combination of Italian Parsley, Traditional Parsley and Pineapple Coriander. The Shallots also have  experienced healthy growth and have a texture and feel totally different to supermarket produce. Basil and other herbs also bene ting.

The Eggplants showing the health of foliage . Note the strength of tomatoes in the background.

Tomatoes not yet ripe but certainly displaying excellent growth. Note the strength of foliage. Shallots have a silky texture to feel. Taste has been exceptional.