GROW Biofertilizer - How to Use Page


Gardening should be easy and simple, that’s why we have created Grow. It’s one simple solution for all your gardening needs. On this page we will look at tips and tricks on how you use GROW.

As a concentrated liquid biofertilizer, our product works differently than other products on the shelf. We have wonderful live microbiology in every bottle that helps your plant be the best that it can be.

Even though Grow is a concentrate, you do not have to worry about over using on your plants. So, if you don’t mix exactly 20ml per litre, that’s okay it’s not going to harm your plant.

Gardening planting

What can you use GROW on?

You can use Grow on everything! Trees, lawns, natives, roses, bonsai, orchids, veggies, ferns, indoor plants, preparing your garden beds for planting, seedlings, cuttings, seed propagation, worm farms, compost, and the list goes on.

Is there a withholding period for GROW?

No, Grow is safe to use on all your edible plants. You can apply in the morning and eat in the afternoon. Just like all fresh fruit and veggies, we do recommend that you wash your edible plants before you eat them.

How often can I use Grow?

You can use Grow as often as once a week, as much as you like, all year round. The more you use Grow the healthier your plants and soil will become.

How to apply Grow


General application: Mix 10-20ml of GROW concentrate per 1 litre of water then apply to your plants.

Grow can be applied to your plants in 3 ways

Soil Soaking Method: Applying diluted Grow into the soil with a watering can. This allows the microbiology to begin to work on your soil right away helping to breakdown carbon, fix nitrogen, protect plant roots from pathogens and helps with nutrient absorption.
Foliage Spray:
Applying diluted Grow to the leaves or flowers of your plants using any size sprayer/ spray bottle. Don’t worry, Grow will not stain your petals or burn your plant, it’s pH neutral. Your plants absorb nutrients through their stomata, epidermis and bark faster than soil application.
Combinations Method:
Applying both Foliage Spray and Soil Soaking methods to your struggling plants. Using both methods means your plants are getting everything that they need for whole plant health.

Dilution Rates:

Bonsai: 10ml per Litre of water
Ferns and Indoor Plants:
10 ml per Litre of water
Fruit, Veggies and Herbs:
20ml per Litre of water
Flowers and Ornamentals:
15 ml per Litre of water
Garden Bed Preparation:
20ml per Litre of water
Lawns and Established Tree:
50ml per Litre of water
20ml per Litre of water
10ml per Litre of water
Seed propagation and cuttings:
Worm Farm and Compost:
10ml per Litre of water

Mix Ratio : 1
Water (litres)

Different ways to use GROW

Hose End Sprayer:

These nifty sprayers are great for larger gardens, people with mobility issues or people who are short on time. They make applying GROW to your garden easy and convenient because there is no need to measure the GROW, the sprayer will do that for you. 

Note: It’s best to use a new sprayer that hasn’t had any other products in it.

  1. Add the concentrated GROW into the bottle then attach to the sprayer.
  2. Adjust the mixing dial on the sprayer to match the amount per litre you want to use. Each sprayer is different, please check the packaging for dilution rates.
  3. Attach sprayer to your garden hose and turn on your hose.
  4. Begin using GROW on your garden.

Watering can:

Add the GROW concentrate into the bottom of your watering can and fill with water.

Apply to your plants.

Spray bottle or 5L Sprayer:

Pour Grow concentrate into your bottle, add water. Begin spraying all your favourite plants.

If you don’t use it all, that’s okay! Loosen the lid to the bottle slightly and put away out of direct sunlight. No need to rinse your sprayers, just mix up a fresh batch the next time you attend to your Garden.

Seed Propagation:

You can use GROW to soak your seeds (no dilution necessary) for better germination rates and stronger seedling growth.

  1. Soak seeds for up to 8 hours in GROW, no need to wash your seeds
  2. Then sow seeds in trays, pots, your garden or veggie patch.

Indoor Plants:

Use Grow once a fortnight on your indoor plants. You can use it in your watering can or apply it as a foliage spray to all of your plants. The best part is Grow doesn’t smell and is safe for use around children and animals.


Soak seedlings in undiluted GROW for 12-24 hours then transfer them into your garden.

The microbiology in GROW helps to protect your root system from shock. This will help the plant adjust to its new home with minimal transplant shock.

Struggling plants:

Is your favourite plant struggling with aphids, mealy bugs or ants?
Grow can be used in conjunction with Eco oil or White Oil. The oil’s will help to treat your pest problem while the GROW helps to feed your plant to make it stronger to resist the pests.

  1. Add normal amount of GROW per Litre of water into your spray bottle.

  2. Read directions of ECO oil or White Oil to find out the amount per Litre needed to deal with your garden pest and add them into your spray bottle.

  3. Add water into your spray bottle.

  4. Apply to your garden pests on your plant.

  5. Recheck your struggling plant again in 1 week. If your pest is still present, then re-apply oil and GROW mix.

  6. Use GROW by its self, once a week after that. This will help your plant to become stronger and healthier to fight off future pest attacks.

Garden beds:

At the beginning of the growing season your garden beds will need some love and attention to ensure you get great produce. Grow is a great tool to help your beds thrive.
You need to work organic matter into your soil, such as compost, mushroom compost, composted animal manure (if using fresh manure, let it sit in the sun for about a month), lawn and garden clippings, mulch, coir peat, and blood & bone.

To prep your garden bed for flowers or for food

  • Remove any mulch and weeds
  • Give your soil a gentle dig with a garden fork. Don’t turn over the soil, just push the fork in
  • Give your soil a good soaking with diluted GROW and let the moisture soak in
  • Begin by sprinkling Blood & Bone as per the application rate on the bag
  • Next apply a thick layer garden clippings or a thin layer of lawn clippings
  • Follow with a thick layer of composted manure or mushroom compost
  • Apply a 5cm layer of mulch
  • Lastly give you soil another good watering of diluted GROW.

With a gloved hand, check that your ingredients are nicely damp. Leave ingredients to rest for 2-3 weeks, checking moisture levels weekly. When moisture is needed, apply diluted GROW with your hose sprayer or watering can. If you have existing plants in the area, apply these ingredients around the plants, keeping 5 cm away from stems and main trunks.

Lawn Application:

Grow can be applied to your lawn all year around. An easy way to do this is to use a hose end sprayer. Apply diluted GROW to your lawn once a week for best results.

Orchids and Bonsai:

Use a spray bottle and apply diluted GROW to your precious plants as a foliage spray. You don’t need to worry about your flowers staining from using GROW, it absorbs naturally without a trace.

Plant Deficiencies:

If your plant is starting to show signs of stress or deficiencies then start GROW combination method on your plants. Apply a soil application and foliage application of Grow. Do this twice a week for 1 week, then once a week for 3 weeks. This will ensure that you plants’ soil is getting the attention that it needs and the plant is getting the nutrients it needs.

For a guide to what your plant is struggling with check out our Plant Nutrients & Deficiencies page.