Finally a Rainy Season

 – Is your NPK fertiliser killing our waterways ? The rainy season has arrived, our lawns and gardens are thriving. Its time to collect mulch for the drier months.

Its also the best time to switch from your high concentrate chemical NPK fertiliser to something bio-organic.

Every heavy downpour washes high concentrate NPK fertiliser off our lawns and gardens and into our waterways. There it encourages unnatural algae growth, reduces oxygen levels and blocks out the sunlight.

The final result is a slimy green water that fish and other aquatics can not live in.

Potomac River Basin USA ~ © Alexandr Trubetskoy
Marcoola waterways pollution
Run-off headed to Marcoola Beach Qld
bio-organic certified
A simple step to a better future

Making a difference can be simple and sometimes even save you money. Go bio-organic.