Autumn Lawn Care in the subtropics

Autumn is on the way. The lawn has not looked so good in years. The compost heap is larger than normal from all those lawn cuttings, showing just how much this years rain increased growth.

Lush garden lawn

Now, while the soil is still warm, is a good time to aerate the lawn and replenish the nutrients to promote a healthy root system.

Autumn lawn care in 2 days

Day one – preparing the lawn

Mow the lawn, rake up any leaves or lawn cuttings and give the lawn a light watering.

Day two – aerating , overseeding and fertilising

If you don’t have a special core aerator, which remove plugs of soil, a pitchfork is a simple aeration solution. Pierce holes in the ground with the pitch fork at 4- to 6-inch intervals in rows until the entire lawn is aerated. Give those high traffic areas where the soil has been compacted some extra attention.

Aerators for large lawns can often be hired and there are “other alternatives” for small to medium sized lawns.

Classic aerator from op-shop. photo – Allispossible

Trend setting aerator shoes from ebay ?

If areas are looking worn out this is a good time to overseed them.

Water the lawn immediately after aerating. Applying GROWTM liquid fertiliser at a ratio of 66:1 will provide soil enhancing microbes that promote healthy root growth.

Remember overseeded areas will need to be kept moist until the seeds have germinated (10 to 14 days). Depending on your soil type and weather conditions this may require a light daily watering.