Australian Certifed Organic Fertiliser

Certified Organic Garden Product

Grow, is recognised by Australian Certifed Organic as an allowed organic garden product. It is registered with Biological Farmers of Australia as suitable for use in organic systems, and are deemed to be in accord with the BFA Organic Standard. Allowed Inputs are materials used as supplementary tools in a balanced organic farm management program.

Australian Organic Registered Garden Product

A Bio Organically Sustainable  Fertiliser

Many ‘Fertilisers’, although supplying a stated quantity of plant available nutrients, fail to be biologically sustainable and almost without exception, create a weak link in the growing chain.

To understand this, let’s look at a practical application.

If you apply any one of a number of popular lawn boosters to your lawn, it soon looks fresh and green. Correct?

But what are the outcomes?

Why use a bio-organically sustainable fertilisers.
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